For Evashred there is at least one good thing that has come out of Covid-19: it has made all Kiwi companies look more closely at New Zealand suppliers and manufacturers rather than buying from offshore.

Since the beginning of 2020, Evashred has experienced a steady increase in the number of enquiries for buying product from New Zealand.

This is due to long lead times for the import of products, the high costs for deliveries and availability all being big problems ever since Covid arrived.

Like the building industry where there is a shortage of materials, the engineering industry is no different as we rely heavily on imported steels and products.

Evashred has had to resort to directly importing special grades of steel that are not obtainable or held in New Zealand any longer by steel merchants. Evashred will never compromise the quality of its products by using an inferior grade of material so we must resort to doing all we can to maintain the high quality of the machines offered by Evashred.

This is just one more way Evashred makes sure our customers get the best product, produced locally.