From Piles to Possibilities

Have you ever stopped to ponder the fate of end-of-life tyres? The seemingly mundane heaps of rubber scattered around New Zealand hold a secret life beyond the road. Enter the fascinating world of tyre recycling with Evashred, where the journey begins with a powerful primary shredder.


In the heart of the tyre recycling process lies the Evashred EV110E Panther Tyre Shredder, a behemoth capable of shredding up to 6 tonnes of tyres per hour.

Picture this – a high-tech marvel, the primary shredder initiates the process by significantly reducing the size of discarded tyres, setting the stage for a remarkable transformation.

But the story doesn’t end there. Following the primary shredding, a secondary shredder takes the reins, further diminishing the particle size of the tyres. This kicks off a multifaceted process involving metal and nylon extraction, coupled with additional particle size reduction using cutting-edge granulators. Meet the secondary heroes of the tale – the Evashred EV85E or EV65E, essential players in the tyre recycling orchestra.

Let’s delve into the technical prowess of the primary player, the EV110E:

  • Driven by two 30Kw three-phase motors
  • Armed with planetary gearboxes
  • Can churn out an impressive 42,000Nm of torque

The EV110E conquers tyres of all sizes, from sleek car tyres to robust truck behemoths. It’s the powerhouse that kickstarts the sustainable revolution.

Transitioning to the EV85E, this secondary shredder:

  • Operates with two 22Kw three-phase motors
  • Features blades measuring either 32mm or 50mm in width
  • Able to further refine the particle size of pre-shredded tyres.

At this juncture, Tyre-Derived Fuel (TDF) can be harnessed for kiln firing, or the recycling process can continue, birthing valuable rubber crumbs.

Imagine shredded tyres as a potent energy source—TDF can heat kilns for drying timber, ignite cement, or even generate power. The recycling journey takes an intriguing turn as shredded tyres undergo pyrolysis, a process where extreme heat in a vacuum transforms them into oil and carbon black, showcasing the innovative strides in sustainable technology.

But the tyre’s reincarnation doesn’t end there. Enter the realm of rubber crumb, a versatile material birthed through tyre recycling. Its journey involves size reduction, granulation, and the crucial separation of metal. Rubber crumb finds purpose in crafting artificial sports fields or becoming a key ingredient in asphalt, paving the way for eco-friendly roads.

As we peel back the layers of tyre recycling, it becomes evident that these discarded rubber relics hold untapped potential. Evashred unravels the mystery, offering a front-row seat to witness the evolution of tyres from burdensome waste to valuable resources, proving that sustainability is not just a concept but a tyreless journey of transformation.