Evashred uses a smart control system to manage the control of our Evashred shredders made exclusively for us by DRE Systems, dresystems.co.nz in New Zealand.

DRE Systems are a key supplier to Evashred which offer the latest in smart technology to control our shredders and other add-on equipment like conveyors and tippers and force feed systems etc.

There has been a major upgrade to the core Evashred shredders design that offers:

  • Better control of the shredding process communicated via HMI screen
  • Up to 50% energy savings due to the use of Variable Speed Drive
  • Increased life of drive motors (for the same reason)
  • Better control of rotors to eliminate jamming and other issues
  • Ability to shred different types of materials with the same machine due to greater control of motor speed
  • Use of soft starter allows to increase the lifespan of the motor by reducing the risk of motor damage during start up and stop

Evashred shredders are supplied standard with HMI screens on the control panel and have the option to load several run programs into the shredders control to manage a range of waste streams.

Some other smart controls are offered like varying cutter speed where one of the 2x cutter shafts will run faster than the other for a set time then both cutter shafts will change speeds and then back again after the set time continuously, this allows the shredder to clean product out from between the cutters.

Fault finding and reporting are other features offered from the DRE Smart control system, the HMI (human machine interface) is easy to navigate on the shredders control panel and has simple to use and clear display.

Here is an image of the DRE Smart control HMI home screen

The DRE Smart control system also allows for a soft start on startup of the 2x shredder motors to limit current draw from the mains power supply which allows for smaller cabling to be used to power the shredder.

When you need greater control over your shredding process and want to save energy and wish for longevity of the equipment in use, Evashred is a one stop shop for shredders for different types of waste.

Reach out to Evashred and get more control, more effectiveness with less energy and greater performance.

              This is a standard Evashred control panel with the DRE Smart control HMI unit

Here is a link to a video showing the Evashred DRE Smart control system working and method of operation. https://youtu.be/tXMDxIgNeKo 

Evashred shredders are supported technically from anywhere in the world through our central NZ based office and factory where all Evashred shredders are made, the team from DRE Systems are committed as we are to assist our customers whenever required and at any time, this backup and support is offered to the client for the life of the machine.