In the quaint town of Horseshoe, nestled on the Western shore of Horseshoe Lake in Piercefield, New York, history witnessed a groundbreaking moment in waste management. Abbot Augustus Low, a prolific inventor, conceptualised the first paper shredder, patenting his “wastepaper receptacle” on February 2, 1909.

Although his invention never saw mass production, it laid the foundation for an industry that would redefine the safeguarding of sensitive information.

Fast forward to the present day, and document destruction has become a critical focus for companies and organisations handling confidential data. Evashred, proudly manufactured in New Zealand by FV Evans Engineering Ltd, stands at the forefront of this evolving landscape. Offering a range of seven shredder models, Evashred addresses the diverse needs of both mobile and static shredding applications, catering to the complexities of various waste streams. 

Evashred’s shredders, characterised by their dual shaft slow-speed high torque strip cut design, outshine standard office shredders in processing larger paper volumes. The machines are equipped to reduce documents to varying particle sizes, aligning with specific security levels demanded by clients. The cutting blade width options range from 10mm to 32mm, allowing for customisation based on security requirements.

Security standards within the document destruction industry are diverse, with levels like T4 in Australia and DIN standard 32757-1. These standards dictate particle sizes, ensuring confidentiality at different levels:

Level P1: 12mm strips or 11mm x 166mm long particles
Level P2: 6mm strips or 6mm x 133mm long particles
Level P3: 2mm strips or 2mm x 160mm long particles (confidential)
Level P4: 6mm strips or 6mm x 26mm long particles (commercially sensitive)
Level P5: 2mm strips or 2mm x 15mm long particles (top secret and classified)
Level P6: 1mm strips or 1mm x 10mm long particles (top secret and classified)
Level P7: 1mm strips or 1mm x 5mm long particles (top secret and classified)

Evashred invites conversations about document shredding at any security level, drawing on their extensive experience in data destruction. Located in Upper Hutt’s industrial area just outside Wellington City, their factory showcases test shredders and available stock for purchase. Visit them to witness firsthand the impressive performance of their shredders – a testament to their commitment to excellence in document destruction. Your data’s security is our priority, and we’re here to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of document protection.