Whether it’s in your office, on the worksite, or at home, a shredder is a valuable tool.

Like all machines, shredders need proper maintenance to get the very best out of them.

Consistent maintenance aids in the longevity of the machine and quality of the output.

It may seem like a hassle to stop production for a few hours once a year, but trust us when we say it’ll be a much bigger hassle when your shredder unexpectedly has an issue or stops working completely.

Chances are the longer it’s left between services, the longer it will take to get back online.

Shredders that deal with everyday waste such as paper and cardboard do not require servicing quite as often. Consider the type of material your shredder is processing though.

Does it create dust or debris which may clog up the moving parts?

Even the smallest machines like our hard drive shredders need to be regularly opened and cleaned out.


Evashred machines are quite often big heavy-duty shredders that are used in more remote areas. We also have clients all over the world, some so remote that they don’t have access to one of our Evans Maintenance Teams.

Although it seems like taking care of this yourself is a big job, we designed our machines with ease of maintenance in mind.

We provide manuals which allow our clients to walk through the process step by step. With this in mind, they are built to come apart as easily as possible.

So, ask yourself – When was the last time your Shredder was serviced?

Grab your manual and take a look, don’t forget to give us a bell if we can help you through it.

Shredder Maintenance