These days we are all becoming aware of the need to recycle our waste correctly to divert it from landfill. Landfills are bad for our health and our environment; the runoff carries toxic chemicals that can end up in soil and water supplies.

As an incentive to deal with waste more effectively it has become more and more expensive to dispose of waste at a landfill. This has motivated some businesses to investigate a long-term sustainable solution that isn’t aiding in the harm of the planet.

We love to sink our teeth into projects such as this and are consistently finding this issue is a high priority our clients consider carefully. We recently worked with an Abattoir. The waste produced, sheep skins.

The Goal: divert all waste from landfill by finding a sustainable recycling solution.

The Solution: harness the Lanolin found naturally in sheep skins (an oil commonly used in the beauty industry), which is present when the sheep skin is broken down through the shredder.

After extensive testing we discovered that what we thought might be quite a messy project, was actually very smooth sailing.

During trials for this project we used our factory EV60E shredder, and while it did a fantastic job shredding the ovine pelts, however we determined we would need a much larger shredder to manage the volume of product that could be shred each hour.

Our Evashred EV85E Abbatior Meat Shredder was perfect for the job.

Check out this video of it in action. 

The Lanolin produced by passing the waste through the Shredder turned out to be great for the machinery due to the natural lubrication of the product that inhibits corrosion of the machinery.

On top of that, this solution saved our client thousands of dollars a year sending their waste to landfill.

The cost of the Shredder was paid back in no time!

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