The Problem:

In our big backyard, we’re all familiar with the notion “Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time.”

Whether on land or at sea, the idea is the same – leave a place as if you were never there.

Internationally, this is a recognised idea too. In order to preserve our precious planet, there are laws around what can and can’t be done in different environments.

In June 2009 Evashred were approached to supply numerous shredder units for naval vessels.

In the seas beyond New Zealand, they adhere to the international law: The 1996 Protocol to the 1972 London Convention.

The global aim of the 1996 Protocol is to:

“Protect and preserve the marine environment from all sources of pollution and take effective measures (according to scientific, technical and economic capabilities), to prevent, reduce and where practicable eliminate pollution caused by dumping or incineration at sea of wastes or other matter.”

So, how does this relate to shredding?

Well, in order to follow these strict rules, all waste generated on a vessel at sea is required to be recycled once the vessel is back in port. This saves any waste from being dumped at sea.

The Solution:

You can imagine a vessel at sea for a long period of time must generate their fair share of waste.

Surely, we’ve all seen a submarine movie or two, and know there’s not much wiggle room aboard those vessels. Every inch of space is used sparingly and with purpose.

The Evashred team were tasked with finding a solution to this interesting problem, and proposed an elegant system which shredded and then compressed the waste, so it could be easily removed from the vessel and recycled when back on solid land.

We fitted our Evashred EV60E shredder to small baler units to achieve this. But the problem then became how to get these units on board. this video links shows the power of the EV60E shredder, here a 44 gallon steel drum is shredded using the EV60E shredder.

What Happens Next:

The naval ships required an access hole to be cut in the hull to get the shredder and baler units in place due to their weight and size.

Following a successful project for the Navy, our team at Evashred have since supplied shredders for cruise liners also.

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