Established in 1947 as a local engineering company, Evans Engineering Ltd has evolved into a powerhouse of innovation and creativity in the engineering and construction realms. From maintaining sections of the main truck rail line in Upper Hutt to fostering enduring relationships with loyal clients, Evans Engineering has cemented its reputation as a go-to company for diverse engineering needs.

One of the hallmarks of Evans Engineering’s success lies in its collaboration with startup businesses. The journey with Hui Kitchens, a new player in the industry, stands as a testament to this collaborative spirit. A couple of years ago, Hui Kitchens reached out to Evans Engineering for assistance in setting up their specialized machinery for kitchen and related product manufacturing in Upper Hutt.


Proximity played a pivotal role,

as Evans Engineering’s close location facilitated seamless on-site support. The collaboration with Hui Kitchens extended beyond mere assistance; it was a partnership where Evans Engineering provided guidance in installing equipment and ensuring the smooth functioning of the new factory. The culmination of their efforts was celebrated at Hui Kitchens’ grand opening on December 18, 2020.

Since that momentous day, Evans Engineering has remained an integral part of Hui Kitchens’ success story. Their ongoing commitment is reflected in their readiness to revisit the site, making necessary adjustments and alterations to the machinery as needed. This dedication underscores Evans Engineering’s belief in not just completing projects but in fostering enduring partnerships that contribute to the growth and success of the businesses they collaborate with.

The open-day image featuring managers from Evans Engineering Ltd and Hui Kitchens serves as a snapshot of this successful collaboration, encapsulating the shared journey of two companies working together to achieve greatness.

As Hui Kitchens continues to thrive and expand, Evans Engineering takes pride in being a foundational pillar in its journey, exemplifying the spirit of support and collaboration that defines its approach to working with startups in the Wellington area.