Products designed and manufactured by Evans Engineering are the result of our engineering design and manufacturing innovation which has no boundaries. Our team feels fortunate because over the years we have been involved in a variety of interesting and at times challenging projects. Overall, it has been a rewarding experience since every project is absolutely different. Evans Engineering’s are known in New Zealand and internationally for its unique and innovative thinking.

On top of custom build equipment, we also offer a wide range of products. Please browse below to see some of what we do.

Got a product idea in mind? Need a simple or complex part custom made? One offs or production runs, we offer it all.

Big LED Screens


Discover the biggest rotating mobile display screen in the southern hemisphere.

Bin Tippers


This standalone unit can be made to suit your particular size bin and lift and tip to a lip height of up to 2 meters.



The Tyre Debeading Machine is an important piece of equipment when you plan to recycle tyres.

EvaTip Hook Trailer

TYrailer Hook EvaTip ready to go

Clever design of our trailer hook allows a wide range of uses from commercial to a household use.

Kitset Conveyors

Evans Engineering and fabrication

Evashred Kitset Conveyors can be used on a construction site for delivery of building materials not just removals.

Printer Crusher


Printer Crusher is used for waste management of E-waste for industrial use.

Stationary Application

Shredder EV45E



Evashred is a well known brand of commercial mobile and stationery shredders for solid waste from Evans Engineering.

Sound Isolation Booth

TYrailer Hook EvaTip ready to go

Sound Isolation Booths are great for separating you and your team from the sounds of the outside noisy surroundings.

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