Bin Tippers

Bin Tippers designed and manufactured by Evans Engineering team who have been involved with the waste management industry for decades. Over time we observed and understood the common needs and where able to design and develop machinery to meet the essential industry need. Bin Tippers are a commonly used and needed part of every waste management facility. Our Bin Tippers have been used in many other manufacturing sites for a multitude of tipping applications.

Discover how we can add value to your project. Got a product idea in mind? Need a simple or complex part custom made? One off’s or production runs, we offer it all.

What is a Bin Tipper?

A Bin Tipper, also known as a bin lifter or cart dumper, is a special bit of machinery, which mechanically lifts and inverts bins/carts in order to empty them.

Bin tipper is a type of lifting device used by different industries, including waste management, food processing, chemical production and facility management.

Although bin tipper are typically an integral part of a larger machine (for example, garbage trucks), there is a growing need for a standalone or mobile unit. Evans Engineering design and manufacture a standalone unit that can be made to suit your particular size bin and lift and tip to a lip height of up to 2 meters.

Our bin tipper uses mains electrical energy to power the hydraulic lifting system.

Evans Bin Tipper Performance Characteristics

  • 3 Kw (4 Hp) Electric Motor (3 Phase)
  • 15—20 seconds Full Travel Speed
  • Safe and Low Maintenance Design
  • 150 Kg Bin Weight Capacity
  • 1—2 meter tipping point height
  • Hurricane Safety Mesh
  • Electronic on/ off Controls
  • Hydraulic lever controls
  • Stationary application
  • Plug in and use

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Contact your nearest distributor/ agent for up-to-date specifications prior to purchase.

How Does a Bin Tipper works?

Bin tippers usually have a steel frame, guarding and cradle, with a motor driving a lifting mechanism, which is hydraulic. 120 litre or 240 litre Bins are placed into the device, then raised and inverted over the location receptacle, permitting the contents to be emptied by gravity.

Bin tippers may likewise utilize different non-standard means to protect the bin, including hydraulic pincers, or base-lift cradles with wheel latches or chain fastenings.

Evans Engineering can design and manufacture Bin Tippers to fit with existing machinery. Our Bin Tippers are created to custom specifications and can fit in limited space available.



Benefits of Evans Bin Tippers

  • Portable, able to be moved as required and powered by a plug and 3 phase power
  • Safe and simple to operate with lever control
  • Takes 120 litre and 240 litre wheelie bins with 150kg maximum lifting weight
  • Made to suit any tipping height up to 2 meters

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