The Tyre Debeading Machine is an important piece of equipment when you plan to recycle waste tyres. Evans Engineering has been associated with the waste management industry for over half a century and is working closely with many tyre recycling facilities internationally.

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What is a Tyre Debeading Machine and Why Do You Need It

You might know that every tyre consists of a bundle of harmonic steel beads that act as the supporting structure of the tyre.

The Tyre debeader is a specially designed machine to mechanically pull out the bead wires entirely that are inside the tyre sidewalls. After debeading, you send the tyre for the shredding process. Removal of this thick spring steel bead prior to shredding gives a cleaner final result and guarantees longer life of the blades of your shredder equipment. This enables a smooth shredding operation and cuts down on your maintenance down time.

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Evans Debeader Performance Characteristics

  • 7.5Kw (10Hp) Electric supply
  • 30 seconds Full Stroke Speed
  • Specially designed Bead Slot
  • 44 ton Pulling Strength (maximum capacity)
  • Steel Castor Load Transfer Carriage
  • Hydraulic Bead Holder
  • Safety Cage
  • Electronic on/ off Controls

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact your nearest distributor/ agent for up-to-date specifications prior to purchase.

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