Evashred Shredder EV45E

Evashred Shredder EV45E

Evashred is a well known brand of commercial mobile and stationery shredders for solid waste designed and manufactured by F.V. Evans and Sons also known as Evans Engineering.

Every type of shredder is designed specifically to shred a particular type of solid waste including Documents, Car & Truck Tyres, E-scrap (Hard Drives, Computers, Printers known as E-waste & E-scrap), Plastic, Foam rubber, Green Waste, Building Waste even Hospital Waste. Learn More

Evashred Shredder EV45E is a universal Multiwaste shredder.

It is suitable for most common waste streams like paper and plastic and cardboard, also glass and green waste and E-Scrap just to name a few, talk to Evashred about what needs shredding.

Evashred Shredder EV45E Performance Characteristics

  • 22Kw/30Hp Maximum Power
  • 28-30Rpm Cutter Speed Rotation
  • 10mm, 12mm, 16mm or 32mm Cutter Width
  • 450mm x 375mm Cutting Chamber Opening
  • 18.9 m/min Cutting Speed
  • Rated To Shred Up To 1500KG Per Hour
  • 72 Dba @ 1 Meter (No Load)
  • Recommended In-Feed: Bin Tipper or In-Feed Conveyor
  • Recommended Out-Feed: Storage Bin or Conveyor Belt
  • Electronic Controls
  • Stationary Applications

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact your nearest distributor/ agent for up-to-date specifications prior to purchase.

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