Sound Isolation Booth

Sound Isolation Booth in the factory

Out team has been fortunate to work with a wide range of industries. In the process we are often able to notice some products may be useful for other applications. The Sound Isolation Booth is one of those products.

Bring us an engineering challenge and discover our capabilities. Got a product idea in mind? Need a simple or complex part custom made? One off’s or production runs, we offer it all.

Sound Isolation Booth Offers Massive Reduction of Outside Noise.

Sound isolation booths are designed to contain noise and used for testing noisy equipment and working with hazardous materials, welding, or grinding to contain fumes and dust.

The booths offer internal sound deadening panels with air filtration and can be fitted out with power and air supply connection as required, built to order and size with many variations to the layout with curtain or hinged or sliding door entry options.


Various Options Offer a Great Fit for Your Case

Air and Power Fit Out and Ventilation Ducting

Internal Lighting And Hazard Awareness Systems

Hinged or Sliding Doors Double or Single

PVC Flapped Door Options

Air Filtration Systems with Replaceable Filter Panels

Sound Isolation Booth Description

  • Kit Set: All Parts Provided,
  • Assembled On-Site
  • 10.0 to 50.0 Square Meter Booths
  • 2.5 Meter High Stud
  • Sound Deadening Paneling
  • Ascetic Corrugated Perforated Sheeting
  • Optional Curtain Flap or Solid Sliding or Hinged Door Entry
  • Optional Replaceable Panel Filtration System
  • Optional Power and Air Supply Fit Out
  • Door and Window Configuration to Suit Your Specific Requirements

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact your nearest distributor/ agent for up-to-date specifications prior to purchase.

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