Our business has been thriving in the Upper Hutt community for over 70 years. A lot of people out here have known each other for ages, and it’s not too hard to find someone happy to lend a hand where they can. Ask around and it’s easy to find a decent recommendation for a plumber, a manicure, or a good takeaway.

So when local man, and good fella Daniel Talbot from Recycling for Charity came to us with a request we were only too happy to see what we could do for him.

Passionate about the community, Daniel saw a real need for a solution to the growing volume of e-waste gathering in closets, charity shops and at community recycle bins where it was being disposed of incorrectly. Understanding the great harm e-waste can cause to the planet, Daniel was keen to get stuck in and do something about the growing problem in his community.

He had a great cause, but next to no budget and desperately needed a machine. Always up for a great cause, we helped out with a good price to get him going.


The Goal: Salvage and correctly recycle community e-waste.

The Solution: An Evashred EV18HDS hard drive shredder was supplied to Recycling for Charity to destroy all their hard drives, SD drives and other data storage media to offer additional secure recycling to the operation, and assist with the recovery of precious metals typically found in these data storage devices.


Recycling for charity


Dan’s first step was to sort through the e-waste to identify if any of the devices such as tablets and laptops had any life left in them. With the relationships and know-how to get these up and running again, the main goal was to give these devices back to kids in the community who needed them for school.

The next step was to put the remaining e-waste through the Shredder, breaking it down roughly so that separation of plastics, metals and other precious materials that could be recycled individually (such as copper), was possible.

From there, all the left-over e-waste was put through their Granulating Machine to reduce its volume as much as possible and to separate the various mix of materials in the waste stream adding value to it and being worth more the cleaner it is.

What started as a solo operation now has six employees and turns a profit which is put right back into the community.

Good on ya Daniel, and the team at Recycling for Charity.