In the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future, Evashred recently collaborated with innovative recyclers at EcoStock in Auckland. Our mission: is to explore ways to enhance the processing capabilities of EcoStock’s three sites, where massive volumes of end-of-life products are recycled annually. As the demand for their services grows, so does the urgency to efficiently manage the influx of waste, requiring innovative solutions.

EcoStock is not your typical waste company. Their unique approach focuses on waste prevention and ensuring that every bit of waste produced holds inherent value.

Collaborating closely with major food manufacturers such as Goodman Fielder, Pepsi-co, Nespresso, Griffins, and Nestle, EcoStock is at the forefront of sustainable waste management. Their commitment to minimising waste extends to surplus food, handled meticulously through various channels.

One notable aspect of EcoStock’s efforts is its commitment to minimising food waste through innovative methods like in-situ worm composting farms. These farms offer an effective on-site solution, eliminating the need for additional resources to collect, process, and dispose of surplus food.

But EcoStock's commitment doesn't stop there.

They go beyond traditional recycling by recovering surplus materials from food manufacturers and transforming them into high-performance animal feed ingredients. Every pallet of product received is recycled, including the packaging and pallets, leaving nothing to waste.

A significant milestone in EcoStock's journey is the establishment of New Zealand's first large-scale food waste-to-bioenergy facility at Reporoa.

This groundbreaking facility, owned by EcoGas—a joint venture between Pioneer Energy Ltd and EcoStock Supplies Ltd—transforms 75,000 tonnes of organic waste into clean bio-fertiliser and renewable energy. This project not only contributes to powering households but also supports local farmland and enhances greenhouse growth for nearby businesses.

In addition to their eco-friendly initiatives, EcoStock has ventured into the creation of EcoRock—a revolutionary substitute for aggregate in the cement industry.

Crafted from all grades of plastic commonly found in packaging, EcoRock offers a sustainable solution for pre-cast concrete wall construction slabs. Lighter and with a quicker curing time, EcoRock is a testament to EcoStock’s commitment to turning environmental challenges into innovative opportunities.

The collaboration between Evashred and EcoStock is not just a partnership; it’s a shared commitment to redefining the landscape of recycling. Together, we strive to make every waste stream count, creating a ripple effect of positive change for the environment and the industries we serve. The image below showcases EcoRock, a symbol of turning plastic waste into a constructive force for sustainable construction. Join us on this journey toward a greener, cleaner tomorrow.