The Problem: Document Destruction in an Earthquake Damaged Building

Living in Wellington, we’re all aware of the ever-looming threat of Earthquakes. If you believe the predictions, we should be called the Shaky City instead of the Windy City.

Locals recognize the tell-tale colored building notices, with their striped borders, advising how safe the building is. Since the 2016 Kaikoura 7.8 magnitude quake, these signs still exist around the city. Most businesses carry on as usual, some have to temporarily relocate, and others, unfortunately, have to move on altogether.

What happens then, if the building has been deemed unsafe to reoccupy? What if the residing business held confidential information, unable to be removed from the site?

Well, this was the case for one of our clients. As if the threat of the building coming down around them wasn’t enough, their site held secure information that was, under no circumstances, allowed to leave the building.

In May 2017, Evashred were approached by a client who required documents to be destroyed securely on site within a 5-story building. The documents could not be removed from the building as the building was damaged by an earthquake and the documents were confidential and contaminated with asbestos.

The Solution:

Always one to find a creative solution, we put our heads together. If the documents couldn’t come to us for destruction, we would come to them.

Our team supplied a small document shredder that could be lifted externally to the respective floors of the building to shred the documents in a contained and secure environment.

Evashred offered the small EV30E shredder fitted with a special enclosed hopper and supplied with a short infeed conveyor and outfeed shute.

Watch our team testing the shredder prior to delivery

What Happens Next:

The shredder exceeded the customers’ expectations and managed to complete all the shredding within 3 months as required.

Following the completion of the project, the shredder was on-sold to a local recycler.

The life of our shredders is vast, especially when they are well maintained to improve the quality and life span of our shredders, make sure to talk to our team about routine maintenance.

It’s as easy as a quick phone call, or a few quick questions here, and we’ll be in touch.