Evashred gets approached by many different industries to assist them in new startup ventures. One that comes to mind which we are currently working on is shredding used, end of life, or unwanted fabric to be mixed with asphalt for roading.

There are many uses for products at the end of their lives if you are creative enough. Some of these can be mixed with asphalt to make roads. Apart from fabric, plastic, rubber, and glass can all be used to give asphalt roads that reflective look at pedestrian crossings.

While Evashreds core business is to supply and service waste recycling machines, we also like to assist new startup businesses in testing of products to produce samples like we have done for a fabric recycling company called UsedFully which is a group of companies working together to re-purpose end of life fabric and clothing.

The fabric in the asphalt acts as a filler and helps bind the asphalt and changes the properties of the road surface to make it more durable, quieter, and longer lasting.


Mixing other waste streams like plastic and rubber granules into asphalt has the same effect but most importantly puts an end use to a problematic waste stream. This diverts it from landfill and reduces the need for using new raw materials.

This project is still on-going and may take some time yet before we see roads made from a mix of asphalt and fabric, but when you do hopefully you will think of how these roads came about with Evashreds help.

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