The Situation:

Anybody who has bought a bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day knows they come at an extraordinary cost.

Did you know that Kenya is the third largest exporter of cut flowers in the world? Probably not, and neither did we, until we began working with a Kenyan Flower Farm.

Kenya exports about a billion stems of roses annually to Europe through the Netherlands, according to the Kenya Flower Council, earning 1 billion dollars in 2017.

Known for being long-lasting, Kenya’s roses, carnations and summer flowers are also popular in Russia and the U.S. The countries success in this particular industry is due to their warm sunny climate, which removes the need for expensive to run greenhouses, and allows their crops to blossom year-round. They also have easy access to transport links to Europe and the rest of the world, allowing their precious cargo to move from farm to consumers quickly.

With this industry booming in Kenya, our client recognised the need to recycle the waste generated on their farm and approached our team at Evashred to help.

The Solution:

Because we supply shredders for many applications to anywhere in the world, we knew we could help.

In August 2017, we supplied an Evashred EV45E shredder to the Farm in Kenya.

An elegant solution to the floral waste problem, was to repurpose this so it could be used to continue the life cycle of the Farm.

Our EV45E shredder took old rose stems, bushes, roots and limbs and shredded them into compost.

What Happens Next:

The beauty of this solution is it closed the loop of the plant’s life cycle.

Because our shredders have a long lifetime, this solution will serve them well for many years to come.

Our machines lifetime and quality can be improved with regular maintenance too. It’s easy to do, just get in touch, and we can have your shredder serviced worldwide.