In October 2021 we were asked to supply an Evashred EV45E shredder for medical cannabis.

Due to the medicinal aspect, it’s essential for this shredder to be made from stainless steel. That way, all of the important components that touch the medical cannabis will last for a long time and not corrode.

This included the cutters that do all the work reducing the product to a smaller uniform size to further process and the combs, the chamber walls and the hopper to load product into.

The real challenge for Evashred was not so much the build of this special shredder but to obtain the the special grades of steel required for the build.

Special grades of steels to build shredders needs to be imported as there are limited stocks available in New Zealand. This is an ongoing problem due to Covid and the global demand for Nickel used for the manufacture of lithium batteries used in EV’s.

It is not uncommon for Evashred to import special grades of steel as required for the building of custom machines offered from Evashred. As such we have become quite adept at doing this, however it does add to the build time of the machine and also increases costs.

Fortunately, our clients see the value in buying high-quality machines locally and support New Zealand manufacturers like Evashred.