The Problem: Siri this, Alexa that…

Another year, another new shiny and desirable tech gadget available. In this ever-expanding tech environment, the trend to acquire the latest gadget is having a negative impact on our environment.

Just look around any room and you’ll be able to spot an enormous amount of technology. It’s not just adults with their phones, laptops, kindles, tablets, TVs and sound systems, our children are now required to have laptops at school by the age of 10.

Every New Zealander creates an average of 19 kilograms of e-waste a year. That is a whopping 89 million kg per annum. According to the Ministry for the Environment, that number is expected to rise to 26.9kg per person by 2030.

As much as 98% of New Zealand’s household electrical and electronic waste or “e-waste” – may end up in landfills.

So, what do we do about it? Well, a customer of ours had a nifty idea we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work on.

The Solution:

At Evashred we offer mobile shredders for document destruction, tyre shredding and for E-waste recycling.

This is exactly what our client was after – e-waste on wheels!

In June 2011 we supplied a mobile e-waste shredder unit.

The client supplied the truck, Evashred fitted an EV30E shredder inside with the following features:

  • Genset driven unit

  • complete turnkey

  • independently powered with internal lighting

  • equipped with a scanner and recorder

We also supplied a dust filtration system to keep the air inside the truck clean for the operator and a FirePro and Fire Trace fire suppression system with remote activation to deal with any fires generated on board the truck. here is a link to a video showing the mobile HDD shredder unit in operation.

What Happens Next:

Understanding what a big issue e-waste is, we hope to use this project as a stepping stone to more like it in the future. Empowering businesses to dispose of their own e-waste is also something we are passionate about.

To learn more about it, flick us an email, pick up the phone for a chat, or simply fill out this form