Take a minute to think about this – how many phones have you had in the last 10 years?

What about laptops?

How about tablets, smart watches, computer monitors, gaming consoles, hard drives or USBs?

How many of these items have had your personal information on them, required log ins or passwords? Chances are, most of them.

Whether they’re personal devices, or your businesses property, it is paramount for personal and professional data protection to dispose of these old devices ethically and securely.

Not only do old un-used items take up space in the office or in the garage at home, according to the Environment Protection Agency, e-waste is the fastest growing segment contributing to dangerous landfill components.

If a responsibility to the environment isn’t enough, think about the stakeholders. You have an ethical obligation to properly destroy personal and sensitive information when discarding or transferring ownership of old hardware.

Organisations need a secure, auditable, and green IT asset disposal program in order to adhere to the highest standard of environmental responsibility and worker safety.

Your run of the mill office shredder is fine for destroying everyday documents, but when it comes to needing to destroy documents and materials to protect information, an office shredder just won’t cut it – literally.

To have 100% confidence a commercial or industrial shredder will be needed to make sure that the material is destroyed completely, with no chance of it being recovered by would-be-thieves.

Our client – a USA based data protection agency – understood this issue better than most. Operating out of New York City, they reached out to us on the other side of the world to help.

They know the most trusted and secure way of preventing a data breech or unauthorised access to data, is to destroy it onsite.


The Goal: A portable shredder that can be used for on-site data destruction.

The Solution: Building the data destruction shredder into a company truck.


We made sure that what happens on site, stays on site. There is no need to outsource any private information, or deal with ‘what if’s’ when the process happens right in front of your eyes.

Our solution allowed this client to stay completely in control with the waste destroyed on their terms, on their site.

At the end of the day, it’s someone else’s information, it doesn’t need to be taken anywhere else.

So – how did we do it?

The most reasonable solution in our eyes was to build the Evashred machine straight into our clients existing Protection vehicle. This would allow them to efficiently move from site to site, without the need to unload and set up a huge, multi-chambered shredder.

Another consideration was the materials likely to be passed through these machines, as e-waste varies hugely in size. From a USB to big old hard drive, it had to be able to handle the lot.

We provided a special shredder for this job; one with a split chamber and different sized blades. Narrow blades churned through items such as USBs and SD Drives with ease, while the larger blades dealt with tablets, hard drives and cell phones.

A generator keeps the Evashred Shredder running all day. Once the onsite destruction is complete the truck takes the destroyed e-waste to a recycling facility which separates the materials to recover what can be further recycled.