Evashred is New Zealand’s only shredder manufacturer and has a long history of supplying shredders locally and internationally.

We are occasionally asked to work on other brands of shredders that are imported here into NZ, which we are open to, no problem.

We view this as an opportunity to learn more about our different products and more importantly to promote locally made Evashred products with the client. One of the benefits of being local is we are able to see the machinery in place in person and suggest any upgrades that are required. If customisations are needed we can do this internally and provide after-care servicing too.

We were servicing a couple of mobile shredder trucks for a New Zealand client. They needed servicing and maintenance of these machines as the shredder units were getting old and needed replacing.


We offered the client an option to upgrade their old shredder chamber for a new Evashred one using the existing drive system but replacing the old worn-out cutting chamber.

We removed the old shredding chamber and retrofitted it with a new Evashred EV30E chamber.

The client immediately saw an improvement to the processing speed of the product meaning more volume throughput each hour which in turn resulted in more work performed in a day and more profit for the business.

Meat Processing
Meat Processing